We provide comprehensive counseling services in the area of competition law. We advise on antitrust notifications and clearance, as well as on issues related to dominant position abuse. The scope of our services also includes the law of unfair competition.

Our experience:

  • assessing whether planned transactions require notification to or clearance of Polish or European antitrust authorities,
  • notifying the Polish antitrust authorities of planned concentrations and obtaining antitrust clearance (including the preparing of reports on the relevant markets and other required documents, and representing clients in proceedings in front of antitrust authorities),
  • bringing appeals against decisions of the antitrust authorities (including decisions requiring concentrations to be reversed),
  • and representing clients in court proceedings concerning such appeals,
  • analyzing actions planned or taken by clients and assessing their conformity with the law of unfair competition,
  • representing clients in negotiations and court disputes arising under the law of unfair competition, and in administrative proceedings in front of governmental bodies concerning suspected acts of unfair competition,
  • day-to-day assessment of planned marketing actions of clients from the point of view of possible breaches of the law of unfair competition or of unfair market practices.