Corporate counseling is one of our most important specializations, and concerns almost all aspects of business activity.

Our experience:

  • incorporating companies and partnerships of all kinds in Poland, as well as registering Polish branches of foreign enterprises,
  • advising on day-to-day corporate matters, such as e.g. appointing and dismissing managers, issuing and redeeming shares, making shareholders’ loans or additional payments, amending the articles of association, etc., and on any related tax issues,
  • analysis of the legal status of companies and preparing due diligence reports,
  • comprehensive counseling on company mergers, on the sale or lease of enterprises (asset deals) and on sale of shares (share deals), including obtaining any necessary antitrust clearance,
  • preparing shareholders’ agreements and joint-venture agreements,
  • advising on the dissolution (liquidation) of companies,
  • representing both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings,
    representing directors in cases concerning their civil liability, as well as in criminal cases (white collar crime),
  • litigating in cases concerning breaches of the rights of shareholders.