We have wide experience in press law and in personal rights protection, this being one of our main specializations. We act both on behalf of publishers, and of persons, whose name, reputation or privacy were infringed by the media.

Our experience:

  • helping journalists to access public information, including the preparing of requests to public authorities for the disclosure of public information, and bringing appeals against negative decisions or failure to act to local appeal offices and to administrative courts,
  • analyzing press articles and advertisements before publication from the point of view of possible legal threats,
  • dealing with requests to newspapers to publish a response or dementi, as well as filing such requests on behalf of clients,
  • representing clients in court proceedings concerning the publishing of a response or dementi,
  • representing publishers and journalists in court proceedings concerning their civil responsibility for libel and other infringements of personal rights, including proceedings brought by politicians in so-called “election mode”,
  • representing clients, whose name, reputation or privacy was infringed, in proceedings against publishers, journalists, etc., as well as negotiating out-of-court settlements,
  • defending journalists accused of libel in criminal proceedings.