We render comprehensive counseling services in the area of mergers and acquisitions. Our experience includes all types of merger and acquisition transactions, including mergers, share deals, and asset deals.

Our experience:

  • advising on the legal structure of a merger or acquisition, including tax analysis,
  • due diligence examination of companies and assets,
  • advising on sale or lease of whole enterprises,
  • drafting and negotiating transaction agreements and any associated documents, such as e.g. financing and security agreements, shareholders’ agreements, etc.,
  • advising on mergers, including the drafting of merger plans, and representing the merging companies in front of register courts,
  • analysis of concentrations between undertakings, including mergers and acquisitions performed abroad, under the rules of Polish and European antitrust law,
  • filing for antitrust clearance to concentrations, representing clients in front of Polish antitrust authorities, as well as in court proceedings on appeal from their decisions,
  • representing clients in proceedings concerning permits for the acquisition of real property by foreign entities,
  • advising on labor law effects of transfers of undertakings, including representing clients in relations with employees and trade unions.