We have wide labor law experience, advising on all kinds of problems arising in relations between employers and employees, as well as between companies and their managers and directors.

Our experience:

  • drafting employment contracts, non-competition clauses and agreements, as well as training agreements,
  • preparing and negotiating agreements with managers and directors,
  • advising foreigners intending to stay or work in Poland and obtaining any relevant stay and employment permits,
  • drafting and opinion-giving on obligatory internal labor law regulations of companies,
  • advising on the establishment of works councils,
  • counseling on the labor law effects of transfers of undertakings, businesses and parts thereof,
  • advising on terminating employment contracts and contracts with managers and directors,
  • advising on mass layoffs,
  • representing employers and employees in labor law court disputes and in out-of-court negotiations, including especially representing employers in court disputes with ex-managers.